The First Letter

The First Letter

The Background

I have asked my mom to help contribute to this blog. I live with this disease, but so often I do not see the entire picture. There are many times that my memory is fuzzy. My mom has been fighting for me for my entire life.

People do not survive in isolation. Also, a chronic disease affects more than just the one diagnosed. My entire family has had to make sacrifices due to Addison’s Disease. That is why my mom’s voice needs to be heard on this blog.

She has decided to write her posts as letters to me. They will be responses to what I have shared with y’all. Through our combined voices, you will be able to get a clearer picture of what our journey has looked like.

The First Letter

Dear Amber,

It has been a journey, maybe even an adventure at times; and we are just getting started. When you were born and placed in my arms years ago, my thoughts were “She’s beautiful and she’s perfect!” Dad and I were overwhelmed with joy.

We had no way of knowing that you would have to overcome so many obstacles, have to deal with so much pain due to undiagnosed Addison’s, and have to make so many conscientious choices along your journey.

You are choosing to share your private journey (difficulties and successes) of living with this incurable yet manageable disease. I’m so proud of you for letting go of depression and hopelessness and instead you are choosing to live!

You ARE Clearly Alive!

I am thankful,
Love you much!

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