Mom’s Letter: Band Camp

Mom’s Letter: Band Camp

Dear Amber,

I knew something else was terribly wrong but had no substantial evidence to prove it. Culture shock had struck all four of us as a family and it was very difficult to navigate.

The awful feelings (both physically and mentally) you were experiencing were reasonable and somewhat expected due to our move across states from the South to the West, a new job for Dad with a new company, new house in a strange city, trying to make friends while attending new schools, etc.

THEN, Band Camp!!!! I remember the looks on the chaperones’ faces and band directors’ faces when I was emphatically describing your “condition” of hypoglycemia. I gave them a detailed note listing actions to be taken just in case you suffered an “episode”. There was a slight eye roll from one of the parents as they patronized me and nonchalantly told me that band camp was no big deal and that you’d be just fine.

And then I got the phone call saying you had blacked out and fallen down, essentially fainting. Those chaperones weren’t rolling their eyes now! They assured me you were alright; they had given you Gatorade, and had you eat and said you were resting comfortably and that you were going to take it easy during the rest of the day.

I spoke with you briefly and we analyzed every moment you could remember. What troubled me the most was that according to everything we knew at the time, you shouldn’t have fainted.

This was indisputable evidence that something other than hypoglycemia (coupled with culture shock) was terribly wrong. Hypoglycemia and the treating of your “condition” wasn’t working anymore and I had to find out what was happening to my beautiful child.

You had suffered enough! And thus began my desperate search.

Love you much!

In response to Band Camp.