Adios KL!

If you look at all of the pictures from the past six months, it appears that I have been living the dream in KL! I have traveled all over South East Asia managing to make it to seven countries within the last six months. With each passport stamp, I prove to the world that this Steroid Dependent girl is Clearly Alive!

Malaysia 01
In Narita before arriving in Malaysia. Photo from March 2014.

But pictures never tell the entire story.

malaysia 02
Near KL Tower. Photo from March 2014.

In all honestly, I am exhausted. I grew tired of dealing with bugs in the restrooms. It became exhausting to try to explain “Gluten Free” in a culture that does not understand it and only tells you what they think you want to hear.

malaysia 03
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Photo from April 2014.

I disliked living on a street with night clubs and cars constantly honking their horns at all hours of the night. I am ready to be reunited with my Olive Thief.

malaysia 04
Near Batu Caves. Photo from March 2014.

However, I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to live in Malaysia. Not many people have the opportunity to say, “Oh yeah, I rode an elephant and walked a tiger on a leash.

malaysia 05
F1 Race at the Sepang International Circuit. Photo from March 2014.

It has been a crazy six months.

malaysia 06
Before riding an ATV through the Malaysian jungle. Photo from April 2014.

I have learned a great deal about my Primary Adrenal Insufficiency and the importance of cortisol. Each lesson solidified the importance of a healthy life style which is so much more than “just swallow pills.” We must manage our stress levels. We must eat a balanced diet. We must surround ourselves with solid friendships.

malaysia 07
On the way to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Photo from July 2014.

I have returned to America a much different person than when I left.

Just me being a goof in Singapore. Photo from April 2014.

Watch out world. This Clearly Alive girl is going to change it.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive