On Moving, Anxiety, and 50k Blog Hits

On Moving, Anxiety, and 50k Blog Hits

I left Malaysia one month ago, August 2014. And by the way, moving is hard!

My first meal back stateside: homemade sloppy joes and fresh caprese salad.
I ended up staying awake for 36 hours straight and loaded up on HC.

My electrical engineering mind still views life as an under-damped transient circuit. I hate the oscillation period that comes after a large life event as I try to stabilize. I want to fast forward to where I am already in my routine and life is good. That’s not how reality works.

I am happy to report that there were no scary adventures on my last three flights (KUL – NRT, NRT – LAX, LAX – DFW). There was one rude American Airlines flight attendant who initially refused to bring me water. Dear flight attendant, I have a chronic disease that involves salt wasting. Yes, I did bring my own water onto the plane. However, I did not expect to get trapped on the tarmac for an additional thirty minutes due to the long queue for take-off. I drank my water faster than expected. It is your job to bring me more water. Do not judge me when I ask for more water. Repeatedly. And don’t you dare tell me no. I will pull the “medical necessity” card on you, because water for me does constitute a medical necessity.

“Oh, medical?” she asked in a condescending tone.

“Yes. Would you like doctors’ notes to prove it to you?” I replied in a stern voice. She eventually backed down and brought me more water. The rest of the four hour flight was uneventful.

I then picked up the keys to our new apartment on August 29th, 2014.

The boxes safely arrived from Malaysia! Yay for moving!

I have moved more than the average American. Each move, I wrestle with at least one full out anxiety attack. This move was better than previous ones, but not without issues. Through the years, I have learned tricks and coping mechanisms that allow me to feel safer in my environment faster. One trick is putting stuff up on the walls as quickly as possible. I do not do well in a sterile white environment.

Paint on the walls.
Also, I labeled the tanda so my guests would not be confused.

One of the last pieces in turning this apartment into a home included a reunion with my Olive Thief. It took about a week after picking up the keys, but the wait was worth it.

The Olive Thief is happy that I returned.

Somewhere between moving, resettling and returning back to America, my blog reached 50,000 hits! How exciting! I’m not sure where this journey will lead, but I do promise to continue sharing it with y’all.

Y’all just have to promise to join me in the fight to remain Clearly Alive.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive