250,000 Blog Views

250,000 Blog Views

At the beginning of this week, my blog reached another important milestone. I’ve had over 250,000 blog hits. Happy Birthday to me! To celebrate, I would like to repost what I wrote when my blog reached 10,000 views in 2013. The sentiment remains the same.

Thoughts from 2013

When I started blogging, I did not know where my writing would lead me. I just knew I wanted to write. I wanted to share my story. I was done being silent. I was done hiding. I was done ignoring the elephant in the room. 

My name is Amber and I live with an incurable disease. 

Allow me to talk about it. Allow me to share with you my triumphs and my setbacks as I navigate my life with this beast. Allow me to raise awareness about chronic diseases so that others can improve their quality of life. 

Am I diseased?


Do my diseases define me?

Oh heck no!

I am so much more than a list of diagnoses

I am, and will forever remain, Clearly Alive

I hope y’all continue to follow me on this journey. I owe you an update on my gluten free baking adventures. I never told you about the five mile race and subsequent ER visit on May 5th (PS- Five months ER free!!! Yay!). I have not even begun to write about Addison’s and college or Addison’s and living in South Korea. To summarize, I have much more to share. 

Here’s to a life of continual adventure! 

Here’s to a life that will always fight to be Clearly Alive!

Thoughts from 2017

I shall continue to share my stories with y’all, dear readers. I shall continue to pass on lessons learned and so that others may benefit.

Will you join me in the quest to remain Clearly Alive?

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive