A 5k with a Mission

A 5k with a Mission

One of my coworkers asked if I was interested in running a local 5k. Of course I said yes! Since moving, I have been able to more regularly run. I am working on building back up my running base. I would love to be able to try to touch some of my PR times from before my Nightmare Crisis in 2013.


At the start of the race, rocking my Zazzle shirt.

This was my first race in over a year. It was a very enjoyable course and it allowed me to view some of downtown. Though the end of the race was entirely uphill. Dear race directors, why??????


Don’t mind us smiling as we run uphill.

I had warned my coworker that I love to sprint at the end of the race. Some races I am able to sprint faster than others, but I never cross that finish line without giving it my all. As we rounded the last corner, he told me the finish line was up ahead. If I was going to kick at the end, I should do it now. I headed his advice and went for it.


She is smiling as she gracefully crosses the finish line. Meanwhile, I’m sneaking up from behind and PASS HER!

When I sprint at the end, I am not doing it win the race or better my time. I do it because I get to experience such joy. I am accomplishing something that I previously viewed as unobtainable due to my disease. Though, if I happen to pass someone in the last 100 ft of the race, and if that happens to make the difference between first and second place in my age group, you will not find me complaining.


All smiles after the race.

I did not realize that I won my age division until later that night. My coworker and I did not stick around for awards because we wanted to eat breakfast at an amazing diner that accommodates gluten free. A good race requires good food and good fellowship at the finish.


I was very thankful for my co-worker’s recommendation for this race.

These past few years have been filled with ample unknowns and uncertainty. I was forced to pack my life up into boxes over two years ago, and I am just now allowed the freedom to unpack.

Mission 5K

The grif-grips helped secure my pump site during the run.

With that freedom, I am also able to rediscover some of my favorite activities. One of those activities is running. As for the prize for winning my age division? I don’t think it could be any more perfect.


This was my award for winning my age division.

I will always remain Clearly Alive.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive