Introducing Henry Glitch

The Background

When I first met my Olive Thief, he was so small he had to be bottle fed. He was an orphan found with his two brothers in the wall of our welding lab at my university.


My first sighting of the runt, with the most pathetic squeak.

I fell instantly in love with him and knew I had to have him.


Try to say no to that face. If you have a heart, it is impossible.

Over the years, he has been blessed with friendships from a multitude of different fur-babies. The one that influenced his personality the most was that first dog. Mr Darcy taught my Olive Thief important lessons such as “Growl at the door when you hear a strange noise” and “It’s not polite to fight with claws.” Also, “If you ever need water, just drink from the toilet.”


Mr Darcy had a profound influence on my tiny kitty.

A few years later, my Olive Thief had the opportunity to spend a couple of months with my cats from high school. They were not quite sure what to make of the rambunctious thing that disrupted their routine.


Missy, being a typical calico, was less than thrilled about the new addition.
Buddy was open to playing.

As I started my career, I took Buddy and my Olive Thief back with me. They were able to develop a deeper friendship after the separation of the diva calico.


Sweet boys sleeping.

Before I moved to Malaysia, I returned Buddy to my parents and the Olive Thief stayed with a friend. My Olive Thief was without another furry friend for over a year. He then was introduced to the sweetest of dogs. She was so relaxed around him, even though he constantly wanted to play.


I will attack the tail!

A few months later, I was able to foster two additional cats. While Miss Charlotte had zero desire to do anything with my Olive Thief, Toby became good friends with him. It was similar to his companionship with Buddy, which it filled my heart with joy.


Occasionally, Miss Charlotte would play nicely with my Olive Thief.


That black ball of fluff is Toby. He needed his ears cleaned.

My living situation changed and I had to leave that state as soon as possible. I temporarily moved to a location that introduced my Olive Thief to two additional dogs.


Eventually, all three of them learned to share the human.


An Announcement

I state all that to give y’all background. I have a social kitty that has lived with four different cats and four different dogs. He does better in a community. Now that my life has stabilized, I decided it was time to give him a friend.


My first sighting of him, cuddled up in a cage.

Dear readers, I would like to introduce Henry Glitch.


He is five months old in this picture.

I cannot wait to see what sort of adventures are in his future as he joins our Clearly Alive family.


I already know that they are going to be good friends.