Why Blog? Five Years Later.

Why Blog? Five Years Later.

Five years ago I published my first post on this blog.

My name is Amber, and I live with an incurable disease. How’s that for a conversation starter?
Five years later, I am still starting conversations. I am still choosing life. I am still choosing optimism. And I am still choosing to share some of my stories here.
I am still Clearly Alive.
I will admit that it has been quite an adventure, with a few unexpected turns.
For example, I have lived in eight locations, three states, and two countries.

I have also had eight endocrinologists, three of them were horrible, and two of them were amazing.

I got married.
Three years later, I found myself escaping an abusive marriage.
I will admit that was never in the original plans. But I am both free and safe now.

With regards to my adrenal insufficiency…

Four years ago, we discovered that the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in Qualitest hydrocortisone was poisoning me and it almost killed me. That one blog post alone has 25,000 views and way too many people stating “Me too.”

On a more positive note, two years ago with the help of some of my engineering friends, I launched my theoretical steroid curve plotter tool. That tool has been used almost 10,000 times and has enabled many to achieve a higher quality of life.

I gained access to the cortisol pump a few years ago and learned a completely new method of treatment for this disease. With that, I discovered how much cortisol influences every area of the body.

Most recently, I had an adventure with the TSA that will result in 47,000 people learning about Adrenal Insufficiency. I am incredibly humbled by that.

And now?

I am six months post divorce.
I have an absolutely amazing engineering job where I am well respected.
I have a crazy kitty that still tries to steal my black olives.
I am thriving on the cortisol pump.

I look forward to continuing to learn about Adrenal Insufficiency and to share some of those stories with y’all.

After all, I am still Clearly Alive.
And I challenge y’all to join in with me.
Let’s see where this adventure leads.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive