A 5k in the Cold

A 5k in the Cold

A Local 5K

I mentioned to a coworker that I was thinking about running a few miles on the dread-mill over the weekend to celebrate my six months of freedom. He asked why a dread-mill when there was another local 5k? I did not care that I only found out about the race the day before or that I would be running it alone. I drove to packet pickup less than twenty-four hours before the race and registered.


Rocking another Zazzle awareness item before the race.


What is Fall?

I am still getting used to this weird season called fall. Most of the previous places I’ve lived only have summer and mild winter.

From what I gather, fall means that you are going to freeze in the morning, be comfortable at lunch and then freeze at night. This race was in the morning. I froze.


This photo is from before the race. My nose was already numb.


Can you take a picture?

There were two paramedics on bicycles for the race. I did go up to speak to one of them, but it was not to test their knowledge of Adrenal Insufficiency. I wanted a picture of my zazzle shirt and my sweet running pants.


a href=”http://www.zazzle.com/clearlyaliveart?rf=238413047640686479″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Adrenal Insufficiency.
Awareness is Key.


The Joy in the Finish

Once again, I sprinted across the finish line. But there was no runner to pass. I was racing against myself, seeking that unexplainable joy.


Joy. Pure joy whenever I finish a race.


What was my time?

After the race, I found the sheet of paper where the times of everyone were posted, but something was wrong. I could not find my name. This concerned me, so I went over to the timing booth and asked about it.

Because I had registered so late, my name was not yet associated with my bib number. But the man in the timing booth would fix it. He also mentioned I should probably stick around for the awards ceremony.


I won second in my age group!


A Silver Medal!

Although I ran this 5k twenty seconds faster than my 5k with a mission, I did not run it fast enough to claim gold. Instead, I was awarded the silver medal. I am enjoying running in a significantly less competitive market than Dallas.

Not only have I been able to return to one of my loves, I keep receiving tangible rewards for my efforts. It’s some pretty good motivation for me to keep at it.


Another medal to add to the collection!

I am Clearly Alive!

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive