Glitch, One Year Later

One year ago, I spontaneously wandered into a pet store. Unbeknownst to me, they were holding a pet adoption day. That is when I first saw him.


My first sighting of him, cuddled up in a cage.



Apparently “Kai” had already suffered a failed adoption. A lady took him home as a companion for her dog. She soon realized she could not care for both a dog and a cat. She surrendered the cat.

cat adoption

Look at how tiny he was!

I was confused by his story. I always thought dogs required much more effort than cats. Why would she surrender a cat because he was too much work? I brought him home and renamed him Henry Glitch.


I already knew that they were going to be good friends.


He is a Glitch.

After a year, I understand why his first adoption failed. Typically, cats require less energy than dogs. However this particular cat requires quite a large amount of energy.

cat adoption

Glitch is on top of the kitchen cabinets. Glitch is not suppose to be on top of the kitchen cabinets.

This cat has no fear. Most cats do not appreciate water. There was one time Glitch was up in my kitchen sink (disobediently) so I decided to spray him with water. He did not care, and my kitchen was soaked. I did not repeat that experience.

cat adoption

You will try to discipline me. But you will fail. Because I do not care.

He has two modes: Full Glitch or Off. There is no in between. He is either sprinting around the home like a sudden, usually temporary malfunction of equipment or he is asleep.

cat adoption

Even in “off” mode, Glitch still sometimes malfunctions.


The Olive Thief and the Glitch

I had grand dreams of these two boys becoming best friends. While I can say that they are friends, their relationship is more of a younger brother constantly annoying the older brother.

cat adoption

Behave brother! Moments before, they were grooming each other.

They do have their sweet moments together, but only when it is cold outside.

cat adoption

Caught in the act of cuddling!


cat adoption

The older brother grooming the younger brother.


cat adoption

He is warm, so I will stay here. But make him stop cleaning me!


A Welcomed Addition to the Clearly Alive Family

As as a general rule, I do not make spontaneous decisions. I did not intend to walk into a cat adoption one year ago and return with a kitten. But now that he has become part of my little Clearly Alive family, I cannot image it any other way.

cat adoption

Just a typical night at our home.

While my Olive Thief adds comfort and emotional support, Glitch adds joy. It is hard to not laugh at the gray spaz. I am thankful this pet adoption was a success.

cat adoption

This my home. I stay here.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive