Clearly Alive Art officially launched late 2012. It became Amber Nicole’s primary avenue for sharing her adventures of living with Adrenal Insufficiency. By that point, she had been already living with the diagnosis of Primary Adrenal Insufficiency for several years. She believed that her unique insight could be used to inspire and encourage others.

In 2013, she went public with her extreme adverse reaction to a specific brand of generic hydrocortisone. Since its initial publishing, her recount of the poisoning from the inactive ingredient of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has allowed hundreds of others to avoid the same fate.

In 2014, she was able to successfully launch her Zazzle Storefront challenging people to “Ask Me About Life Saving Steroids.”

In 2015, her Theoretical Steroid Curve Plotter went live, with a second release for the cortisol pump in 2016. The Curve Plotter has been recognized world wide as a useful tool empowering patients to improve their quality of life. It took over three years to develop, and she is incredibly humbled at the number of people it has helped.

In 2017, Amber Nicole fled from an abusive marriage. Her personal experience with domestic abuse gave her a much deeper understanding of how the body processes stress, especially in toxic environments. She is beyond grateful that she was able to escape. And her passion for spreading her mission of remaining Clearly Alive strengthened.

Over the years, she has been able to share her mission to be Clearly Alive through a variety of avenues and platforms. These include being an invited guest speaker and appearing as a guest writer on multiple websites. She is always open to discussing further collaborative efforts.


Amber Nicole can be reached at amber.nicole@clearlyaliveart.com .

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