Young Amber Nicole stands in front of one of her first pieces of original art.

Amber Nicole’s first original wall mural (without permission and during nap time).

Amber Nicole’s parents dubbed her “Doodle Bug” at a very young age from the sheer amount of art she created. She was constantly drawing and sketching on everything. She completed her first wall mural before the age of five. Shortly after completion, she learned that she was not supposed to paint on walls (or floors) without explicit permission. Happily, the world was was her sketchpad.

She put a slight pause on her artistic endeavors while pursuing a B.S.E., Electrical at a small university in East Texas. However, she did still win “Best Painting” for a watercolor in her university’s Fine Arts Week Fall 2010. She also received “Honorable Mention” with her company’s On My Own Time for her chalk pastel in 2013.

No artistic medium is off limits to her. This includes both traditional and non-traditional such as chalk pastels, acrylic paints, wood burning using an old soldering iron, pencil portraits, and even oil paints. She absolutely love painting wall murals with the “oops” paint that she finds on clearance at home improvement stores. She doesn’t get scolded for painting on the walls when she has prior permission!

Art is her voice, it is her outlet. It can convey her emotions and feelings when her words fail her.

Amber Nicole wants her art to reflect the fact that she is Clearly Alive. She has faced quite a few challenges and her life will forever be full of unpredictable adventures. However these adventures do not define her. She is Clearly Alive despite her obstacles, despite her trials, and despite her adventures.

She states that we should do more than just live. We should all strive to be Clearly Alive.