Amber Nicole, Engineer, Certified LabView Developer

Amber Nicole is a Certified LabVIEW Developer and a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Amber Nicole earned her B.S.E., Electrical from a small university in East Texas in 2012. Shortly after graduating, she began her career with a two year global rotation program designed to train her to be an excellent Product / Test engineer. This even included a six month assignment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Although she spent two years training to be a Product or Test Engineer, she deployed after her rotation program into a role as a Lead Validation Engineer. It was not what she trained for, but she quickly adapted to the new role and enjoyed it greatly.

She then assumed a role as an R&D Software Engineer, but she was essentially still developing automated test systems and standardized validation set-ups. R&D Software Engineer was only reflected by her job title. In reality, Amber Nicole was still that Test / Validation Engineer.

As she continued on in her career, Amber Nicole realized that she was passionate about enabling others to succeed in their own jobs. She accepted another position as a Test Engineer. Currently, she works full time in a small lab where she supports both Electrical and Mechanical Design Engineers. She also empowers the Engineering Lab Technicians on her team to be as efficient as possible. They utilize the automated test stations that she has created.

Amber Nicole views her Addison’s Disease as an asset in her engineering career. The disease has taught her to be incredibly mindful of stress. Because of this, Amber Nicole makes it her goal to eliminate as many inefficiencies as possible. This benefits both herself and others on her team. She is an extremely passionate, unique engineer that strives to live each day Clearly Alive.