As I post more, I believe it will be beneficial to have one page that lists every post in a chronological order. If you are new to my blog and would like to read every post, start here.


Yearly Recaps

At the end of every year, I publish a month by month recap. These serve as encouraging reminders of tangible proof that I remain Clearly Alive regardless of whatever life throws at me.



Miscellaneous posts are ones that I feel warrant being pulled into a separate category instead of necessarily being read chronologically. My two personal favorites are The Importance of Perception and Fix It.


The Cortisol Pump

I was able to obtain a cortisol pump in 2014. This is my main method of treatment for my Adrenal Insufficiency. Below are the posts specifically regarding the cortisol pump.


Although I was not properly diagnosed until I was 15, I spent a good amount of my childhood battling this undiagnosed disease. These posts contain some of my early reflections.

High School

I received my diagnosis of Primary Adrenal Insufficiency during the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of high school. Much of my high school experience was centered around discovering who I was as a woman living with an incurable disease. The posts below outline the timeline for that journey.



College marked another chapter in the journey of discovery as I continued to wrestle with who I was as “Amber the diseased girl.” How much of my identity should be wrapped up in my diagnosis? Should I down play it and ignore it? Should I focus on it? As I reflect back on my college experience, I am honestly quite shocked that I survived it as well as I did.


After College

I graduated from a small private school in East Texas with B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering in 2012. That fall, I began working full time as a Product / Test / Validation engineer at a semiconductor company located in Dallas, TX. While I was first determined I would not mention my disease at all to my employer, I realized that had to quickly change as soon as I ended up in the ER only two months after beginning my employment.


The Wedding

I almost died at the age of 23 due to an Adrenal Crisis. As I was recovering from that nightmare in a weakened state, I was targeted by a textbook narcissist. We dated long distance for four months, and we were engaged long distance for five months. This was not enough time to see behind his mask. Our marriage was held on March 1st, 2014. The insidious abuse continued to escalate until it reached critical mass, just shortly after our third wedding anniversary. The judge granted me my freedom on May 11th, 2017.



Three days after my wedding, I was on a plane to travel to the other side of the world in order to live and work in Malaysia. This was an incredibly trying time. I was learning a new method of treatment for my disease (the cortisol pump), working in an international manufacturing environment as a female, and dealing with a husband who’s unpredictable rage and emotional instability consumed way more of my cortisol than I care to reflect. Similar to my college experience, I am not quite sure how I survived this chapter in my life.


Back in Texas

My international work assignment only lasted six months. Afterwards, I returned to Texas to assume the role as Lead Validation Engineer.


Desert Adventures

I briefly spent some time living in Northern Nevada.

New Adventures

Who am I now that I am a divorced, diseased woman with a couple of cats? These new adventures reflect me now. I am Amber Nicole and I am Clearly Alive.


Published Articles / Interviews

Occasionally, I am approached to have my work featured on other sites. Below are a few of my published articles.

Adrenal Awareness Resources

This section contains resources that were either created by me or one of my friends within our community. May they help educate and encourage y’all.