I don’t have the Cortisol to Deal With This.

I don’t have the Cortisol to Deal With This.

If you live in the USA, like I do, the Presidential Election is one week away. And if I can say only one thing about the past several months (years?) of this election cycle it is that the UGLY is on full out display. Gone is the opportunity for rational civilized discussion between people of differing views. There is only shouting, anger, hurt, and a great feeling of hopelessness and despair. And frankly, I don’t have the cortisol to deal with this.

Stating “I don’t have the cortisol to deal with this” is not giving up. It is not implying agreement with the horrendous wrongs committed by *insert whomever you want here*. It is acknowledging very real and important boundaries. We, within the Adrenal Insufficient Community, do not have an endless supply of cortisol. It is limited. It is supplemented. We must regulate it ourselves, being mindful of our spoons and energy reserves.

I highly encourage you to vote, to make your voice heard, and to work for positive change. I also caution you to be mindful of your mental health, and take a break from things that are inappropriately draining your cortisol. This could be as simple as snoozing a FB acquaintance so that they no longer show up in your news feed or more pointed such as taking a purposefully break from all of social media for a little while until the shouting calms down.

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May we all remain Clearly Alive.

Amber Nicole is Clearly Alive