Vitassium: An Easy Way to Increase Salt!

Vitassium: An Easy Way to Increase Salt!

I am a long distance runner living with multiple autoimmune diseases. One of these diseases causes my body to waste salt. This leaves me in a state of constant dehydration if I do not intervene.

A runner who is easily dehydrated. What a wonderful combination!

SaltStick: For Athletes


A few years ago, a fellow runner in my disease community mentioned salt tabs that were unlike anything she had ever seen before. She highly recommended them. They were called SaltStick buffered electrolyte salts. Now I had tried salt tabs before, and frankly, I was very underwhelmed.

SaltSticks were different. I could immediately tell a difference on my runs when I used these. There was something magical about their ratios of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3 that allowed me to feel better. I say magical, but their ratios are actually formulated to mimic what we lose when we sweat.

I began regularly using them for my indoor soccer games, my long distance races, and whenever I would be out in the heat for long periods of time – be it riding bikes along the beach or exploring theme parks. After a while, I even began taking a SaltStick every morning and every night. They helped stabilize my diseases.

Vitassium: For Me


Recently, I learned of another product that is more tailored to my every day use. At the beginning of this month, I was able to try Vitassium for the first time. Although I had been a regularly customer of them for a while, I was completely unaware of Vitassium!

While SaltSticks are formulated to match the electrolyte profile that an athlete loses when sweating, Vitassium is created for the salt wasters of the world. That’s me!

Na (Sodium)215 mg500 mg+ 285 mg
K (Potassium)63 mg100 mg+ 37 mg
Ca (Calcium)22 mg– 22 mg
Mg (Magnesium)11 mg– 11 mg
Vit D3100 IU– 100 IU

I decided to swap out my daily SaltStick tabs in both the morning and the evening with two Vitassium pills in the morning, and two Vitassium pills in the evening.

I immediately noticed a difference.

On the first day, I felt like I had more energy. My fatigue was reduced. My mind seemed more clear. I felt as if I accomplished more off of my to do list. How encouraging! As the month continued on, it seemed as if I continued to have more good days. I believe this is due to the increased sodium content. We love us some salt!

I plan on continuing to take a minimum of four Vitassium pills a day. I will still use the original SaltStick pills for when I am participating in some sort of physical activity. The combination of both of these products will help enable me to remain Clearly Alive.

This was a sponsored post by Vitassium. However, all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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